hdmi to rca cable

HDMI to RCA Cable

WARNING : Do Not Buy this FAKE cable. It will not work.

You MUST buy an adapter to convert the signal

HDMI to AV / RCA Converter

Commonly known as a HDMI to AV Cable, HDMI to RCA Cable, HDMI to 3 RCA Cable or 3x RCA to HDMI cable.

Many sellers on ebay, amazon, aliexpress sell this cable to unsuspecting buyers wanting to solve their audio visual needs.

This cable does not have a decoder function.

analog digital

This cable will not convert a HDMI digital signal into an AV Analog signal. They are different signals and not compatible.

To convert HDMI Digital signal to AV Analog signal use a HDMI to AV converter HDMI2AV

To convert AV Analog signal to HDMI Digital signal use a AV to HDMI converter AV2HDMI

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